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Oil Spill Biggest Business Blunder

Well, I wasn’t surprised to find the BP Oil Spill as the biggest business blunder of 2010 in today’s article on

1. BP Oil Spill: A Failure of Leadership and Metrics: The Deep Horizon oil rig explosion is clearly the biggest business blunder of 2010. At the most basic level, BP suffered from a failure to balance competing objectives. Tony Hayward began as BP’s CEO in May 2007 with a promise to focus “like a laser” on safety concerns, as well as operating performance. The metaphor proved to be all too apt: A laser can focus on only one thing at a time. It appears that BP failed to focus on the right target.
What’s likely is that BP’s management believed they were meeting all safety performance targets, or at least gaining on them, because they were spending millions of dollars to improve safety. By the metrics they had created, the company might well have been making progress. The metrics they chose were the problem. The point for all businesses is that making safety a priority and throwing resources at it without appropriate metrics may lead to very bad outcomes.

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Bike for the Gulf

Wow, I must say I am really inspired by this man!  Malik Rahim, 62, is biking 1,500 miles from New Orleans to DC to confront legislators on the need for substantial action to restore the Gulf after the BP oil spill.

Rahim departed July 14th and and his estimated arrival in DC is September 22nd.  Go Malik!!!

20 brown pelicans rescued from the BP oil spill were released in Texas on Wednesday at Goose Island State Park, about 40 miles NE of Corpus Christi.  Nearly 200 pelicans have been released in the area since June.

China Oil Spill Fireman Covered in OilIn this photo released by Greenpeace, a firefighter who was submerged in thick oil during an attempt to fix an underwater pump is brought ashore by hiscolleagues in Dalian, China on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Crude oil started pouring into the Yellow Sea off a busy northeastern port after a pipeline exploded late last week, sparking a massive 15-hour fire. The government says the slick has spread across a 70-square-mile (180-square-kilometer) stretch of ocean.

Thousands of Animals Dead | BP Oil Spill

Thousands of animals, from pelicans to dolphins to sea turtles to hermit crabs and more are found dead along beaches in the Gulf.  This video footage is difficult to watch, so please use caution.  One of the opening scenes is of a bird struggling to free itself of the massive amount of oil it has found itself in.

BP crafted a new plan Tuesday hoping to seal the oil well for good, so we shall see.  For the latest on the oil spill, check the updates on the right.

Sea Turtle Covered in BP Oil

These posts are beginning to be repetitive…. It looks like the turtle took a bath in the oil. UGH.

Turtle Covered in Oil - BP Oil Spill Wildlife

Vets unable to save baby dolphin, Coast Guard: “Dolphin was crying as people scraped oil off”<br>

Worst Oil Spills in History

from wpbeginner.comWorst Oil Spills in World’s History